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Classic Car Buying Tips – Do You Need Some?

Buying a classic car is not easy, whether you are looking for a muscle car, roadster, vintage car or classic sports. Cars like these are very often expensive and you need to know what your looking for and out for as well. In order to get the best deal and car, we have put together some basic classic car buying tips, which you may find useful.

Researching – When choosing your classic car you need to know how much it is worth. Valuable as it may seem or presented by the seller, you need to know yourself by looking at other vehicles of similar age and condition. If it has lots of its own original parts and accessories, then you must consider this in the valuation. Also you will need to factor in the cost of  cover, so do a car insurance comparison.  An old vehicle that needs a lot of rebuilding and restoration work should cost a lot less.

Restoration costs – You need to be aware of the potential high costs here, if you are going to get the professionals in to do the work, it could be expensive. Depending on how much work the car needs on restoration, will depend on the costs. Body work can be done by yourself or professionals. You should maybe contact a specialist in this field and get an estimate on how much it may cost.

Spare part costs – Again, part of the restoration costs, but you need to know what parts are needed, whether they are available, and how much they are likely to cost. With some really old or vintage cars, you might not be able to get an parts at all for the restoration.

The history of the vehicle – Most classic cars will have a history, and it should be documented, start by checking out the car’s vehicle registration number. Search for any accidents or damage that the car may have.

Making money – There are some classic car buyers who do it to make money. Be very careful if this is your aim, in most cases your not going to make a great deal of money out of it, unless you really know what you are doing, and have been working in the restoration business for some years. Most people are just enthusiasts, and just love the idea of riding around in a classic automobile.

Classic Car Insurance – Do You Need A Quote?

Looking for classic car insurance for your vintage motor? Well, you can find the cheapest classic motor insurance policy with our help.

Many classic car drivers struggle to find the right policy for them that they can afford, but with our help and tips for insurance, you should be able to get a policy that is right for your budget.

It’s true that owning a classic vehicle is only a small part of the costs, and you need to consider the insurance costs of a classic car before you purchase one, as cover is not cheap. It does depend on how much your car is worth, how much you drive it, who drives it and so on. This is all reflected in the price of the premium you are quoted for classic sports cars. However, some classic motors can be cheaper than normal modern cars, because they are well looked after, low mileage, stored in a secure garage, and the driver is more careful in a car like this.

Car insurance quote will vary from vehicle and owner but there are a few tips that may help keep the price down.

Always try to get an agreed valuation of your vehicle, so should it be stolen or written off by the insurance company, your guaranteed to get the agreed sum back, if the insurers refuse to pay otherwise.

Setting a limited mileage on your quotation under 5,000 miles of driving per year can help reduce the price of the premium.

See if you can increase the agreed valuation of your vehicle each year. If you are doing restoration work and increasing the value of the car by adding new parts and accessories you need to make sure than you an covered to get your money back if the car is stolen or written off.

Compare car insurance offers and as many policies as you can when looking for insurance, comparing all features and discounts available.

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