How This Site Got Into The Top 3%
And How Yours Can Too!

This page tells how I have increased visitors until The Classic Sports Car site is in the top 3% of websites as verified by Alexa, and traffic is still climbing. My goal is the top 1% and that looks very achievable.

Read this page, check out “Site Build It!”, the program that I use that is responsible for my high traffic, and read the e-books that I believe are the best free “how to have a successful website” information you’ll find anywhere on the internet. Remember, if you don’t have traffic you may as well not have a website.

All my traffic is free and targeted from the search engines. I haven’t used paid submission services or any of the businesses that advertise on how they will get traffic for you. And I’m not an internet guru. I’m currently working full time as a coachbuilder and with a wife and two primary school children my time is limited. I have had two earlier websites that didn’t get much traffic.

The Secret

Why is this site working so much better than my earlier sites?

Basically, it is the program that I use which is a complete web business package including a 600 page guide with a ten step process from people who have been there, done that. They know what they are talking about.

I’m using Site Build It! (SBI!)’s premier product that does everything from hosting to page building, submitting pages, giving traffic stats etc. It saves me an awful lot of time and makes building a winning website much easier. Even if I was a professional webmaster I would use it because the time saved equates to a lot of dollars.

SBI! doesn’t just work for me. 51% of 6 month old SBI! sites rank in the top 6% of most popular sites and 30% are in the top 3%. It took this site about 8 months to hit the top 3% with traffic just from free search engines.

How Your Site Ranks – The Alexa Test

If you have a site you can easily check how it ranks. Alexa gives your website a ranking depending on your traffic. There are 16.6 million active sites on the net, so an Alexa ranking of 16.6 million means you have the least traffic of anyone, a ranking of 1 means you have the most. (Yahoo is currently number 1). Any number less than 500,000 means you’re in the top 3%. If your ranking is say 3,000,000 you’re pretty well invisible.

Click here to check your Alexa ranking.

How SBI! Helps You

- There is a 600 page guide that gives you a 10 step process to a successful website and it’s written by people who have been there and done that. This is what tells me exactly what I have to do.

- Its easy and the built-in tools save a lot of time, letting you concentrate on building content instead of doing all the tedious stuff.

- There is a keyword and brainstorming tool that helps you find the most profitable keywords for your site. I’ve tried to do the brainstorming manually and that is awfully slow. With the brainstorming tool you enter your main keyword (in my case “sports cars”), let the computer work for an hour or so and you end up with a long list of related keywords. You can then brainstorm some of those keywords to get even more keywords related to those ones. (In my case Porsche, Corvette etc)

- The Page Builder. You don’t have to know any HTML, Java etc etc. The page building tool lets you build up each page block by block. Select what block you want (headline, body text, link etc) and type in what you need. For more advanced users you can enter the pages that you’ve built up in your favorite HTML editor. I just use the block building approach.

- Page Templates - Use them as is or modify to your hearts content. I use a standard template. It’s more professional than I could do, and why waste time when you could be building content?

- SiteBuildIt! submits your pages to the main search engines. It tracks the submission process telling you when pages are spidered, listed etc. This is a big time saver over doing it yourself.

- It tracks your traffic so you can see how you’re going.

- There is a lot more to SiteBuildIt! There is a form builder, an email module, a newsletter module and E-Commerce is on its way, just to mention a few extras.

- Lots of online help

- SiteBuildIt! is constantly being improved and updated and you get to use the updates as they are brought out.

- There is a money back guarantee

The Downside

What downside? Actually SBI! isn’t perfect, if it was there wouldn’t be any need to improve it. But off-hand I can’t think of anything that I really hate about it. You do need to renew your subscription every year, but hey, it’s worth it.

I’m already thinking about my next site, and one thing you can be sure of I’m going to use SBI! for it.

SiteBuildIt Case Studies, Comparisons and Quick Tour

From my own experience I believe the program you use can make you or break you on the internet. Check out your prospective programs carefully and choose the one that is best for you. For me there's only one choice.

Here are some pages to tell you more about Site Build It!

To see what other people think about SiteBuildIt! and how they use it, check out some case studies here.

To learn more about the features, take the quick tour.

Site Sell also gives a comparison between SiteBuildIt!, Yahoo! Web Hosting Pro, Verisign Web Business Expert and Microsoft bCentral Professional. It’s a real eye opener! Click here for the comparison

How to Win a SiteBuildIt

SiteSell has a sweepstake running so that you could win a SiteBuildIt! Click here for sweepstake details.

Free Downloads!

SiteSell has a number of free E-Books in PDF format that you can download. (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them which is also free). I’ve read lots of free E-books and I really think that the SiteSell ones are the best of the lot.

One of the best is the Affiliate Masters Course. Affiliate programs are the easiest way to make money on the net and this course which tells you everything you need to know to make money with them. In fact it tells you what you need to know to build any high ranking site. Read It! Click here for the Affiliate Masters Course.

If you want to make money through your services use this one to attract new clients. Click here for the Service Sellers Masters Course.

Make Your Net Auction Sell! used to cost $30 but it's now offered free so that you can see the quality of the products and of course if you want a Net Auction business its full of invaluable information. Click here for Make Your Net Auction Sell!

To learn more about these free E-Books and a few more SiteSell offers check out their free download page here Click here for SiteSell's free downloads.

So there you have it. SiteBuildIt! is the program, or rather suite of programs, that I’ve used to get The Classic Sports Cars in the top 3% for traffic, and I’m positive I could not have done it otherwise. The guide has told me what to do and the program has allowed me to do it in the limited time I have available.

Shopping Cart

The E-Commerce store and shopping cart module is coming very soon. Anyone who owns SiteBuildIt! when the E-Commerce goes live will get three months of Level 1 free, plus big reductions on the price of levels 2 and 3.

And don't forget, you could win a SiteBuildIt!

Click here for details

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