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Porsche: The Cars
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Brilliant and unconventional cars have been the hallmark of Porsche for over 100 years. The cars, their history, pictures, porsche collectables, specs, and the story behind them are all here.

Porsche History - A Lifetime of Automotive Genius

Professor Porsche was designing and building cars before the start of the twentieth century. His first design was shown at the Paris exhibition of 1900; a revolutionary front-wheel drive electric car. Porsche was racing a four-wheel drive version of the car in the early 1900’s.

He designed an airplane engine and military vehicles in WWI, and between the wars he designed the seven liter Daimler-Benz Mercedes, a supercharged V16, mid-engined Grand Prix racing car for Auto-Union, and the Volkswagen Beetle, the world's best selling car, among others. WWII saw him designing more military equipment including tanks.

The French imprisoned Porsche after World War 2 and his son Ferry ran the Porsche design bureau, designing the first Porsche branded car, the 356, while he was working for Professor Porsche’s release. (More Porsche history)

Porsche Sports Cars

The Porsche 356 was the first of a line of exciting and charismatic sports cars. It started life with a warmed up VW engine and other VW parts but it was still a desirable sports car and a good looker. During its production life the 356 went from 40 to 130 bhp along with a heap of technical improvements that made it handle better and stop better, and styling changes to make it look better.

Porsche 356
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The classic 911 followed in 1964, the car that is “Porsche”. It had a strong family resemblance to the 356, but was more modern and more powerful. It still holds its age well.

Another VW based Porsche followed in 1969, the mid-engined 914. Its styling wasn’t popular and the VW connection was against it. Sales were low.

Porsche brought out front-engined water-cooled cars, the 924 and 928 in 1976 and 1977 respectively. The 928 won “Car of the Year” in 1977, the first time a sports car had won the award.

In the 21st Century, Porsche is still going strong, and still producing brilliant sports cars.

Porsche Turbo

Porsche Collectables and Porsche Gifts

Most of us can’t afford a stable full of exotic sports cars, but even if you can, collecting memorabilia about your favorite cars is a fun thing to do. Posters liven up your home or office and so do diecast cars. In fact collecting diecast cars is a popular hobby. And if your wife or husband has trouble working out what gifts you’d like, Porsche collectables can solve the problem. Just show them what you’d like, and make life easier for them.

We’ve included a range of Porsche collectables. There are 356 posters,

911 posters and a page of miscellaneous posters that cover most of the road going Porsches, including some cutaway posters. There are Porsche diecast cars too.

The Porsche diecast at eBay is probably the best selection you could find. Last time I looked there were well over 1000 listed. You should be able to find what you want there.

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