Useful Resources For Car Lovers

This page has links to businesses that are useful to any car lover ranging from money saving secrets to car collectibles.

Car Secrets Revealed

"CarSecrets Revealed"! This is one of the most useful and value for money books I've bought. It has almost 200 pages with money saving secrets on every page. For example, here are a few of the things that will start putting a lot of cash back into your pocket every month...

  • What day of the month to buy/lease that getsyou an extra $400 discount instantly (no, it is not the last day of the month).
  • How to reduce your car insurance up to 50% byusing one of 19 techniques.
  • How to get free repairs AFTER your warranty expires.
  • How to confirm if your current mechanic is overcharging you in just two minutes.
  • Discover which used cars are really great dealsand which ones are lemons you'll want to avoid.
... plus literally hundreds of other tipsand strategies to slash your car costs and the headaches that go with them! Click here now to find out how you can take advantage of this extremely valuable automotiveresource in the next five minutes!

Amazon, For The Best Range of Books

Amazon is the place to go if you're looking for a book on sports cars or anything else. They have an enormous range of titles from "coffee table" books to service manuals, and you can also find some sports car DVD's there. For Posters has a lot of sports car posters and prints plus of course thousands of other posters covering just about any subject you can think of. You can buy posters ready framed which can save a lot of inconvenience and they also have advice on their site on how to hang pictures.

DriveWerks For Posters, Models, Parts, Tools, Car Care ...

DriveWerks sells just about everything you could possibly need for your car. It's worth checking their site out if you are after anything to do with cars. This is a brief overview of what they have:

- Posters - a lot better selection than, but you can't buy framed posters there yet.
- Tools for engines, jacks, diagnostic tools, air tools, sockets, wrenches and lots more
- Floor mats
- Car Care
- Performance Parts
-Accessories from gear shift knobs to steering wheels to outdoor canopies
- Scale models - Ferrari, Porsche, BMW and Exoto brand models which are the finest models available in the world.
- Heaps more

Franklin Mint for DieCast Models

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Franklin Mint has some excellent diecast model cars including Corvette, Mustang, Ferrari and some others. They don't have a big range but they're well worth a look, and of course they have models for people who want quality and are willing to pay for it.

MotorMint for DieCast Models


MotorMint has a tremendous range of diecast cars of many different makes and models. They are very affordable with prices starting around $10.

For all sports including motor sports, check out the Sports Directory

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