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First of all here's a good reason for spending all those years studying. How'd you like a garage filled like this? Now there's a bit of motivation for you.

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Justification for Higher Education
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Here are a few posters of the American sports car. Corvette has been a stunning looker since 1953 and became a stunning performer a few years later. Corvette has kept the faith for over 50 years now while other sports cars have come and gone, or grown old, bloated and lost their virility.

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1954 Corvette - Standard Series

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1967 Corvette 427 - Standard Series

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Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
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Ford's answer to the Corvette was the Thunderbird, a much more sophisticated car than the very early Corvette. Thunderbirds outsold the Corvette by a wide margin but unfortunately for us sports car lovers Ford quickly turned this lovely car into a heavier and uglier machine. The classic T'Bird only lasted three years.

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1956 T Bird with Wire Wheels (red wit...

Another classic sports car came from a British/American collaboration. Texan Carroll Shelby shoe-horned a Ford V-8 into the pretty AC Ace chassis and created one of the greatest sport cars of all time. It looks fantastic and it performs better. And as time went on and the engines got bigger it looked tougher and more macho than ever. It is the most replicated car out.

AC Cobra
AC Cobra
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Shelby collaborated with Ford again and worked his magic to make the ultimate Mustang muscle cars. The GT 350 was first, a legendary car with up to 425 bhp and handling to match. He followed that up with the big-block GT 500.

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1967 Mustang Shelby GT-350

The "standard" Mustang came as a convertible, notchback or fastback with an incredible range of options. Engines ranged from a 2.8 liter straight-six to a 7 litre V-8. The Mustang hit a chord with the buying public and was one of the fastest selling cars of all time with 418,000 sold the first year alone.

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1965 Mustang

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The Camaro was Chev's answer to the Ford Mustang. The Camaro came out in 1966, two years after the Mustang. It followed the classic pony car formula with its styling and its options list as long as your arm. It was a successful car with 220,000 being sold in the first year.

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1969 Camaro RS

Enzo Ferrari was a top racing driver for Alfa Romeo in the 1920's and later managed their racing team. In 1947 he started a company bearing his own name and started building some of the most beautiful and classic racing and sports cars in the world. Engineering excellence and exquisite styling are all part of the Ferrari dream cars.

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Ferrari 250 GTO, 1961

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Ferdinand Porsche has been called the Einstein of automotive engineering. He started designing cars in 1898 and was racing a hybrid petrol/electric car he had designed in the early 1900's. Porsche designed the VW Beetle, the best selling car of all time. The first "Porsche" branded car was the 356 first produced in 1948 and the 911, the car that "is" Porsche first entered production in 1964. All attempts to kill it off and replace it with another car have failed, and 40 years later though it has had major modifications it is still recognisably the same car and is still in demand - an incredible achievement!


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Lamborghini didn't start producing cars until 1963, but it certainly hit the ground running, producing exotic sports cars that compare with the world's best. Earlier cars had a breathtaking classic and curvy styling while some of the later cars have a dramatic and distinctive wedge shape.

B. Lamborgini
B. Lamborgini

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Jaguar started as Swallow Sidecars in 1922 and moved into coachbuilding in 1927 by rebodying the Humble Austin 7 with more sporting bodies. The SS100 of 1935 was one of the all time classic sports cars and was the first car to bear the "Jaguar" name. Post WWII Jaguar continued its sports car line with the XK 120, 140 and 150.

Jaguar created a sensation in 1961 with the E-Type, probably the most beautiful sports car of the 1960's. It had performance to match with 150 mph top speed and for a car of its calibre it was a real bargain pricewise.

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1968 Jaguar
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Mercedes Benz, maker of luxury sedans for rich businessmen, has been involved with racing and sports cars for most of its history. The 300SL was one of the fastest sports cars of the 1950's with a top speed of up to 155 mph. Only some Ferraris and Maserati road cars had comparable performance. The car had a space frame construction which needed deep sills necessitating gullwing doors.

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300 Sl Coupe, 1954

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